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The rich ojisan


♠: Joker Game


Maquia Kame
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"When I heard that Kamenashi-san, having read the book “Joker Game” had said “If this turns into a movie, I’d absolutely want to be part of it!” I requested for him to play the leading role. The lead actor being a fan of the original work certainly becomes a plus to the production, and without thinking further than that, I believe that makes the best cast. This is the first time I’ve worked with Kamenashi-san, and above expectation, there’s part of him that’s mature and manly, the athletic type with a solid built. His exercise capacity is high, he moves quickly and his running figure is cool. As it’s a spy role, he learned how to use pistols, english and also tricks and such things, in any case, he’s a fast learner who can do anything. I think he’s the perfect person for this part and I’d want this to be a work where you can discover a new type of appeal in him.
Although the subject matter of this movie is “spy”, in addition there’s action, mystery and an element of romance as well. I aimed for an kind of entertainment that kids as well as adults could enjoy so without thinking of the formalities, I would hope you to enjoy this movie."

Amagi Morio, producer of Joker Game

Cinema square

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Kame camera Maquia
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Junno’s amazing Backflip!! :P 

/ a. confidential report
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KAT-TUN Come her!

Ueda being a spoil brat about wanting Gushiken Yoko’s champion boxing belt


After shower,
Nakamaru: Koki hid my underwear in the locker! It was so troublesome to find it because I had to open every single locker to check! Therefore, when I found Koki’s underwear earlier, I thought I should hide it too (as a revenge). And then, when I was going to hide the underwear, Kame who was nearby, said with a straight face: “That’s my underwear.” (lol)